FieldView Yield Kit

FieldView Yield Kit

FieldView Spray Kit

Spray Kit is a tool for monitoring in real time spraying operations, giving the farmer way to create digital input for his operations
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SprayKit is an IOT solution for monitoring the performance of all types of sprayers, allowing real-time monitoring and calibration of sprayers in the field. The SprayKit system is compatible with all types of row crop sprayers - trailed, self-propelled and mounted. It enables creation of digital maps with precise data on the spraying performed, which are stored in the FieldView cloud.


The main benefits are:



The SprayKit is working in combination with Mapping Kit v2, or in connection with any kind of GNSS receiver available in the tractor for which you can select the compatible harnesses from our webshop availabilities.


FieldView Spray Kit is working with a mobile app and here is how to calibrate it when working first time: 

Short tutorial how to use the FieldView SprayKit App when working on the field: