NIK Tech Bulgaria Ltd. issues a sales document to every transaction made. It is always a VAT invoice, but depending on a Customer and a transaction type, there may be the following types of VAT invoices.

Net VAT invoice , containing net prices and goods values. The tax is fixed as a product of value multiplied by rate. This type of invoice is received by Customers with business activity, having legal personality and organization units not having legal personality to which separate regulations grant legal capacity. Issuing a net VAT invoice can depend on providing NIK Tech Bulgaria Ltd. with the documents confirming conducting business activity or holding legal personality.

Gross VAT invoice , the invoices containing prices and values of goods with VAT. This kind of invoices is received by all individual Customers (consumers).

Customers with their head office outside the European Union receive the VAT invoice and the EAD customs document containing a unique MRN number together with the goods. This code should be presented on the European Union’s border. If the goods do not leave the European Union’s customs border within 150 days from the EAD document issuance or if crossing the border is not confirmed by the Border Customs Office, you will be charged with the tax on goods and services (VAT), according to the current rate being in force.