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FieldView Drive

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FieldView Spray Kit

FieldView Yield Kit

"FieldView Yield Kit” is a system to build yield maps in connection with Climate FieldView Drive system.
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Monitor your yields in real time, wherever you are!

"FieldView Yield Kit" ("yield kit") is a system for building the yield map in connection with the Climate FieldView Drive system, allowing existing combines to be retrofitted. It can be installed on a generic grain combine. The yield kit consists of an optical yield sensor, a moisture sensor, a GPS receiver (L1, with WAAS/EGNOS correction system), a control unit, and a connector where the Climate FieldView Drive can be installed. The system is powered by 12V from the standard in-cab connector. It can be used for all crops (corn, wheat, barley, sunflower, canola, soybean, etc.)."

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FieldView™ Drive

FieldView™ Drive is the only digital farming tool that can collect and process agronomic data in real time.


FieldView Cab for iPad and iPhone is a simple and powerful farm management app that enables growers to collect and understand field data through advanced maps and reports. It combines the best of real-time monitoring directly from the cab with simple field data analysis tools in a mobile app that benefits from the portability and connectivity of the iPad.

Yield Kit: yield, moisture sensors and gps receiver.

Location, yield, and moisture sensors that collect real-time data to generate yield maps.


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